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The places listed here are known suicide hotspots. If you see someone at one of these sites who seems depressed or you think they might jump, call the emergency services. If you feel able to talk to them, have a chat about the weather, the history of the area or something similar to distract them. You can talk about the kinds of things a passing tourist might talk about. Avoid asking about their problems or why they are there. You are not qualified to psychoanalyze them. You don't know their motivation and you could make things worse.

If you can move the conversation away from the edge as you talk then do so.
Do not put yourself in danger.
Do not try to grab them.

Many places are installing "Suicide Barriers" to prevent suicides.

If you are feeling suicidal avoid going to these places. If you have to cross a bridge, do so quickly and avoid stopping to look over the edge. Focus on reaching the other side and do not look back.

Beachy Head, UK

London Underground, UK