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I Need Help

You are not alone.

Your first contact should be with your GP (doctor). They will be able to refer you for mental health treatment. This might be Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Interpersonal Therapy. A trained psychologist will assess your needs. I know this, because I have been through it myself.

Your GP can diagnose medication. I have known people who refused the medication. If you are serious about helping yourself you should not dismiss medication without trying it. Bear in mind that anti-depressants take a few weeks to start working and you may not notice the change. If you are prescribed medication, take it as prescribed and avoid large amounts of alcohol. I became suicidal after starting new anti-depressants and drinking some wine. Let friends and family know you are starting new medication so they can check on you.

If you want to get peer support I recommend ELEFRIENDS. It is part of the MIND charity and is a forum where you can talk about your mental health with people who will not judge you.

Below is a list of mental health charities.

Having looked at their websites, I would recommend:

Samaritans for someone to talk to (by email, phone or post)
The NHS site for practical advice
Turn2Me for online support groups
Time to Change for advice and links to self help sites
Elefriends for peer support