Suicide is a problem every society has to deal with and its causes can be varied.

Mental health treatment is an ongoing battle to try to adjust the most complex and least understood organ in the human body - the brain. Every brain is different so no single treatment can work for everyone. It takes trial and error to find a treatment that works. Unfortunately the "error" can be fatal if the sufferer is suicidal. This is a subject close to my heart and this website is my attempt to provide a place for people affected by suicide to find out more about this devastating aspect of mental illness.

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Golden Gate Bridge
The graph below shows the number of people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge each year since 1940.
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Helping Others

Do you know or suspect someone is suicidal?

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During my research I discovered the following facts:

In the USA suicides by gun outnumber murders by gun.

People who are stopped from committing suicide often never try again. Most jumpers who were stopped from jumping off the Golden Gate bridge did not try again. However, if someone does try again it is usually within the first year and is fatal.

Only 5% of murders were committed by mentally ill people. Turn that around and 95% of murders are committed by people who are not mentally ill. (I can't remember where I read this so I will try to fin d the source. Until then, don't take it as fact.)

If someone with depression commits a crime the media always mentions their depression and leads people to assume a causal connection even though there may not be one.

The month of May has the most suicides, but the Christmas holidays also show an increase.
Helping Yourself


Phone: 116 123 (UK)

Articles which mention depression and suicide.

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