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Winner of the Litopia Flash Fiction Competition, November 2010

The theme: The End of the World

The length - up to 250 words.


          As far as pavement drawings go, this guy’s was really nice. He had drawn the whole world in pastels and in amazing detail.

          Suddenly, a small fat guy stepped in front of me, dropped a lit cigarette on the pavement and stubbed it out with his foot, wiping out Alaska.

     “Hey!” I shouted.  The man ignored me and walked away. I looked at the artist to see whether he was as annoyed as me and was surprised to see him smiling.

     “Doesn’t that annoy you?” I asked.

     “Not my planet,” he replied in a gruff voice.

          Within seconds a woman walked right across the drawing, oblivious to the art she was destroying under her bland designer shoes.

     “There goes Mexico, Britain and China,” the artist said, still smiling.

          I noticed that a crack in the pavement was coincidentally aligned with California, along the San Andreas Fault, which made me laugh.  As I stood up, a bird swooped over my head and dropped some crap onto the pavement, leaving a white smear across Switzerland.

     “Wouldn’t want to live there,” the artist said.

          I suddenly became aware of a man running towards us, waving a small radio around.

     “They nuked Alaska!” he shouted. Rain started to fall and the pastel world smeared.


     “Mexico, Britain and China, as well.” I looked at the artist with disbelief. He pointed at the pavement, where the rain was starting to wash away the pastel. Behind me, people were running for their lives from a tsunami.